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An other education project kick off

Thursday March 30 2023 we kick off an education project together with JPNPP called "Finnish Method for English Language Learning Boost in Rural Penang Primary Schools"

Project started with briefing to participating teachers, state and district education officers conducted by Rotarian Petri.

This will be one year project where the Finnish learning method will be implemented in preschool and primary one in Penang rural schools.

Purpose of the project is to see how positive earlier experience from Perak can be reproduced in an other state of Malaysia. Also purpose is to train state education officers and teachers in the roll out, so they would be able to take over the state level roll out if so decided at the end of this project.

During the project, all feedback, learning results and possible issues are collected ongoing basis, minimum end of semester. Data is analyzed and needed revisions to the program are made based on these findings.

These are the main goals the project aims to achieve among participating students:

  • - 15% higher learning results than before in same schools.

  • - Improved brain development for better overall cognitive skills

  • - Improved problem solving skills

  • - Better communication and presentation skills also in mother tongue

  • - Improved self confidence

These are the main goals the project aims to achieve among participating teachers and district officers:

  • - Learn fun learning methods in a structured way

  • - Learnt to adapt and modify the Finnish learning methods

  • - Learn the skills to be a teacher advisor (tutor teacher) to roll out the method and best practices in other districts (peer to peer roll out) after this project is completed


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