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An initiative by Rotary Club of Penang to help those affected by COVID-19 pandemic. 

This project is made possible by our generous donors and members of our 90-year-old Rotary club.

Berkat Dari Komuniti

We provide nursing care to the elderly who are bedridden or immobile and give advice to caregivers of the patients. We have one full time nurse to visit the patients 2-6 times a month. Patients are mainly referred from hospitals, doctors or nurses.

Home Nursing

Did you know that 40% of our children are left behind because lack of access to digital device?

Smartphone Donation Program

2,000 pre- and primary one schoolers in Perak public schools are boosting their English language foundation with a new effective learning method from Finland. Project is endorsed by Ministry of Education. 

Enhanched English Language Learning

The Leader-Rotary Kidney Dialysis Centre in Wisma St.John's at Grove Road, Penang


To alleviate the pressing problems faced by renal failure patients, the Rotary Club of Penang implemented the first Community Kidney Dialysis Centre. Equipped with 13 units of the state of the art haemodialysis machines, the center provides dialysis at a affordable prices and whenever possible for free.

Leader Dialysis Centre

The JHM Rotary Kidney Dialysis Centre at Acheen Street, Penang


This is our second community Kidney Dialysis Centre serving renal failure patients. Equipped with 10 units of the state of the art haemodialysis machines, the center provides dialysis at affordable prices and for free for most deserving cases.

JHM Dialysis Centre

We help children who would die without cardiac surgery. Saving the lives of children who could be ours, by returning them lives which should be theirs. This programme is funded in partnership with New York Rotarians, matched by the Rotary Foundation Grants, subsidized by Penang Adventist Hospital non-profit surgical charges and generous gifts from the public.

Gift of Life

Designed to equip the inexperience graduates to meet and excel the demand of any challenging career. ACE intends to aid the graduates to look for a suitable career based on their personality and continually excel in it by having interactive courses and interesting activities in the program.


We have adopted a policy of initiating projects to benefit the community; nursing the projects to self sufficiency and then handing over the administration of the projects to the public maintaining a presence at committee level.


The aims and objectives of the foundation are to receive, raise, provide or donate funds for:

  1. The relief of suffering, distress or poverty

  2. The improvement of the living conditions or livelihood of the aged or disabled

  3. The provision of recreation facilities for the young and needy

  4. The operation of a Scholarship And Loan Fund for the benefit of students

  5. The granting of scholarships or loans to needy students

  6. To give out aid in any form to any charitable or worthwhile cause.


This policy has proved effective and beneficial to the public as it has enabled the Rotary Club of Penang to initiate worthy projects to meet the community’s needs as and when they arise without being tied down to any one project. 

Recent Past Projects

Joblink Centre

This center seeks to develop the potential of physically challenged people to the fullest so that they can be gainfully employed. The Centre trains them for suitable jobs in-house before placing them in suitable jobs in factories, business establishments and in their homes.

School Uniforms

Last year we provided school uniforms for over 2,500 unprivedged students in 59 schools. This year we will add 5 more schools in our distribution reach.

Youth Centre

The main objective of the center is to provide educational and recreational facilities for youths in and around the locality to keep them off the streets and help them become useful citizens. For students in overcrowded homes, there is a library on the first floor which could be used as a place for study, for homework and to prepare for examinations. Occasionally, classes in English, taught by Rotary’s exchange students from English-speaking countries are offered.

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