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​What is Rotary, 4 Way test

Rotary International is one of the largest service organisations in the world. The mission of Rotary, is to "provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through [the] fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders".


Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.


Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For more than 110 years, Rotary's people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.

What we do

Rotary members believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues. Our 46,000+ clubs work together to:

  • Promote peace

  • Fight disease

  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene

  • Save mothers and children

  • Support education

  • Grow local economies

  • Protect the environment

  • Get involved

Vision statement

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.


  1. CM message

  2. RI President message


Dear Club Officers,


I congratulate you on your installation as a club officer for 2023-24.

You have been handed the reins of leadership at an historic moment. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever feel hopeless. Many have lost people close to them. Social networks have been uprooted and divisions have grown wider as opportunities for connection have been lost.

Rotary’s ability to create lasting change begins with the bonds we form with each other. This year, I need your help to ensure the bonds between our fellow Rotary members are strong enough to bring hope to those who need it most.

Join me in making Rotary a source of strength for all of those, both within and beyond our membership, who feel they have lost hope. Let this be the year we Create Hope in the World, and let Rotary be known as an organization that takes care of its members as well as the people we serve.

It is within your power to help bring peace and soothe those afflicted by conflict, both in their communities and in themselves.

I look forward to working beside you as we come together to Create Hope in the World. 


Warmest Regards,

R. Gordon R. McInally

President, Rotary International 2023-24



  1. DG Message


Dear President and my fellow Rotarians,


I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. As we gear up for another remarkable Rotary year, I wanted to take a moment to share some important reminders and sentiments that I believe are crucial for our collective success as District Governor for the Rotary Year 2023-24.


First and foremost, let us keep in mind the Object of Rotary, which serves as our guiding principle. It is through our commitment to promoting peace, goodwill, and better understanding that we are able to create hope in the world. As we embrace RI President Gordon McNally's theme for this year, "Create Hope in the World," let us remember that it is within our reach to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.


Each one of us has the power to do good in the world, and it is through our collective efforts that we can create a lasting impact. Whether it's advocating for humanitarian projects, providing support to local communities, or addressing pressing issues such as poverty, education, and healthcare, let us remember the immense potential we possess in making a meaningful change.


At the very core of our Rotary values lies peace, love, and caring. Let us draw strength from these values and infuse them into all our endeavors. By fostering a culture of compassion, understanding, and empathy, we can build stronger connections within our clubs, communities, and even across the globe. It is through these connections that we forge lasting friendships, inspire others, and shape a better future for all.


I wish each one of you all the best for this Rotary year. May it be a year filled with immense satisfaction, personal growth, and the fulfillment that comes from serving others. I have no doubt that as we join hands and work together, we will create ripples of positive change that will extend far beyond our own communities.


Thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to Rotary. Together, let us create hope in the world.


Peace and love to all!


Yours in Rotary,


Teoh Kwan Swee 

District Governor, Rotary Year 2023-24


  1. Incoming  President message 


Dear Distinguished Guests, Friends, and Fellow Rotarians


I am humbled and truly honoured to be elected as the 93rd President of the Rotary Club of Penang for Rotary Year 2023/2024, and with the guidance and support of our esteemed incoming Board of Directors and fellow members, I will do my best to serve the needy in our community.


The Rotary International theme for this coming year is “Create Hope in the World”. The Rotary Club of Penang with its strongly rooted foundation in serving the community of Penang as well as Rotary International District 3300 since 1930, will better serve the community as we continue to serve our community post Covid-19.  Even though we as a community have come out stronger in the past year, there are communities within the state of Penang that require the support of service organisations to stabilize themselves.  We will strive to make a difference for a better tomorrow by re-strengthening our bond with the community we have served for the past 93 years.  


“Service Above Self” the core motto of Rotary signifies the belief that Rotarians would put their duty to help others before their own needs.  As the incoming President, I have chosen an additional motto, “Rebuilding for A Lasting Future”. Alongside continuing to serve our community, I will endeavour to strengthen this Club’s fellowship and re-instil the confidence in our Club’s members and leverage on their experiences and strengths so that we can provide a better tomorrow for the community we continue to serve on this Pearl of the Orient.  We will continue re-invigorate our Club with new blood based on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion to meet the new challenges within our community and better serve this very community.


Our Club’s vision and mission this coming year will be in line with Rotary International’s theme that is, to Create Hope in the World for a better tomorrow.  We will continue to be diverse, equal, and inclusive in every project we carry out throughout the coming year yet strengthen the legacy projects of this Club that has been servicing to improve the life of the communities we have been serving, and the same time reaffirm our Club members fellowship amongst ourselves so as to strengthen our Club’s service to our community as we approach our centenary of service to the community of Penang.  We will reach out to young ladies in the community and better empower them for a better tomorrow.  We represent the Image of Rotary and therefore our Action speaks louder than any verb, noun or adjective put together.  So fellow members of the Rotary Club of Penang let our Action to Serve Above Oneself be the Image and Imagination of Rotary.


May I take this opportunity to congratulate the outgoing Board of Directors for serving the community of Penang excellently in the year of 2021/2022.


Finally, I wish to thank my beautiful wife, Munny Delyardy, for her support, understanding and unconditional love towards my service to Rotary.


Yours in Rotary Service



Dr Amreet Singh Gill

President RY 2022-2023

Rotary Club of Penang


  1. Sister club(s) messages

Rotary Club of Pandan Valley, Singapore message


Dear President Dr Amreet Singh,


Congratulations on your installation as President.


It has been a rewarding journey since we signed the sister club agreement in 2018-19, and I am pleased to hear about the progress and achievements we have made together.


The official events and fellowship activities that we have organized over the years have indeed played a significant role in strengthening the bonds between our club members. I'm particularly proud of the contributions we've made to each other's projects, such as the Vietnam Baby Incubator project and the ICT rural school project. These initiatives reflect the true spirit of Rotary, where clubs come together to make a positive impact on our communities and the world.

I'm thrilled to hear that we will be renewing our sistership agreement in October 2023. This is a testament to the enduring partnership and commitment between our two clubs.


The "Create Hope" Rotary theme for this year is both inspiring and fitting for our collaboration. I believe it's an excellent opportunity for us to work even closer and take on more collaborative projects that will create hope and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


I look forward to the continued growth of our sister club relationship and the positive impact we can make together in the year ahead.


Please convey my warm regards and best wishes to all the members of RC Penang.



Yours in Rotary Service,


Louis Loo


Rotary Club of Pandan Valley


Rotary Club of Jaffna, Sri Lanka message


Dear President Dr Amreet Singh,


It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest congratulations to you on assuming the role of President of Rotary Club of Penang for the year 2023/2024. 


Your term as President will undoubtedly be filled with challenges and opportunities, and I am confident that you will meet each one with the same enthusiasm and determination that you have consistently demonstrated throughout your Rotary journey. Your passion for Rotary's ideals and your vision for the future of our club will undoubtedly inspire those around you.


I want to assure you of my full support and assistance during your tenure as President. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if there's anything I can do to help you achieve your goals and objectives for Rotary Club of Penang


Thank you for your dedication to Rotary and for your unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. I look forward to working alongside you in the coming year and witnessing the incredible achievements that I am certain lie ahead.


"Create Hope in the world " - Rotary theme for this year is both inspiring and fitting for our collaboration. I believe it's an excellent opportunity for us to work even closer and take on more collaborative projects that will create hope and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


I look forward to the continued growth of our sister club relationship and the positive impact we can make together in the year ahead. 


Please convey my warm regards and best wishes to all the members of RC Penang.


Nimalshan Swarnarajah

President – 2023/2024

President – 2022/2023

RC Jaffna 


Dear Stephanie,

Please have my message below. Thank you very much.

Best, Rico 


Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East Message


Congratulation to Rotary Club of Penang for the wonderful 93rd Anniversary celebration! 


Rotary Club of Penang was the first Rotary Club charted in Malay Peninsula and Siam in 1929, which is one of the oldest existing Rotary Clubs in Malaysia. It has been serving the community for 9 decades, gathering a lot of outstanding Rotarians who pour the passion and integrity into various community projects that have a lasting impact.


We are proud of our long-term ‘sister club’ relationship and friendship. On behalf of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East, I wish Rotary Club of Penang another successful and fruit year!


President/IPP Rico Fung 

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East


Rotary Club Bangalore DownTown

Greetings from Rotary Bangalore DownTown, Disrictt 3191


Oprah Winfrey said “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” may you add Service Above Self to this your life.

Jennifer Jones (first women RI president, 2022-23) quoted “Imagine, a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” Wishing you and your eminent new team the best for a meaningful and successful journey to Create Hope in the World for deserving lives.


Hearty congratulations on being the first lady president of the prestigious Rotary club of Penang.


We, Downtowners look forward to impactful association with your club initiatives in your term,

All the best, stay blessed.


IPP Rtn Tejaswini Jaisimha


Rotary Bangalore DownTown

Chairperson RAGS, Dist 3191

  1. History of RC Penang

    1. History

The Rotary Club of Penang was Initiated by JW Davidson on his journey down to the Malay Peninsula. His first port of arrival was Georgetown in Penang. 



At the Inauguration Dinner held at the E&O Hotel Rtn Percy M. Robinson was installed the Charter President and Rtn. C.W.A. Sennett the Charter Secretary.


However, it was not until 8th October 1930 that we received the Charter and was admitted to Rotary International. There were 71 chartered members – among whom were famous names such as Lim Cheng Ean, Dr K Mohd Ariff, Dr J.W. Scharff, C.R. Samuel, Dr Lee Tiang Keng, F.H. Grumitt and Dr Ong Chong Keng to name a few Past Presidents.



During the Japanese Occupation 1942-46 the Club ceased functioning. The Rotary Club of Penang was re-admitted into Rotary International on 23rd October 1946.

Penang was the venue of five Conferences and one Asia Zone Institute. We were host to the First Asia Regional Conference in 1937-38. The first District Conference to be held in Penang was in 1939 when Rtn. Charles R Samuel was District Governor. It was a lapse of thirty years before two more District Conference was held here at which time Rtn. Dr C H Yeang became District Governor in 1969; and four years later Rtn William Ng Jit Thye was elected District Governor in 1973. It was again a lapse of twenty long years that Rtn. Herbert J Ho Jr was elected Governor in 1993 before we hosted another conference. In 1994 Asia Zone 4 Institute hosted by District 3300, was held in Penang on December 8-10 with resounding success. Comprising some 12 countries in Asia with diverse cultures, languages, historical background and different economic developments levels had made Asia Zone 4 a most unique, vibrant and exciting one in the Rotary World. (Note: Asia Zone 4 was rezoned soon after this Institute). In 1995 another District Conference – the fourth, was held when Rtn Dr Santokh Singh was elected Governor.

The Rotary Club of Penang has had the honour of sponsoring several Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs.


The five Rotary clubs it sponsored are Rotary Clubs of Kota Bahru (1954); Bukit Mertajam (since renamed Butterworth (1959); Bagan Baru (since renamed Georgetown (1983); Tanjung Bungah (1988) and Seberang Jaya (1994).


The Interact clubs sponsored are Interact Clubs of Chung Ling High School, Methodist Girls School, Technical Institute, Penang Free School, Sri Pinang, Sek. Abdullah Munshi, Westland,  Han Chiang High School, Heng Ee High School and  St. George's Girls School.

Heng Ee High Schol, Penang Free School, Chung Ling High School, St. George's Girls School and Han Chiang High School.

The only Rotaract club sponsored by the Club is the Rotaract Club of Penang.


Our community and service projects over the past 75 years are too numerous to detail. Our legacy of major ongoing projects have been supplied under “Ongoing Projects” in our website. The club continues to address local, national and international service needs incessantly, either using our own resources or joining up with other clubs and agencies to render the needed services.


In the Club's archives are two publications, namely the 60th, 70t, 80th and 85th Anniversary Year Books that records our historical events, activities and achievements over the last 90 years of service. These invaluable publications will inspire our members to greater heights of service achievements in this Second Century of Rotary Service


See more about 90 years highlights. Scan barcode below



  1. List of past presidents

1931-1932 President P.M. Robinson 

1931-1932 President Lim Chang Ean

First School Scholarship to deserving students started in this year.
1932-1932 President Harry Parry

Provided milk to infants anf transport to needy mothers through Community Service. Promoted the Asiatic Unemployed Fund and the Distressed European Fund.
1933-1934 President Dr. K.M. Ariff

Support to the Lepers at Pulau Jerjak. Keen support to the local Boys’ Home. Created the general interest of the public in the art of the Tukang Karang. Promotion of musical demonstration on Malay Poetry, Boria and Bangsawan.
1934-1935 President Dr. J.W. Scharff

Host To District Conference in Penang.
1935-1936 President C.R. Samuel

Help poor boys in our community.
1936-1937 President Dr. Lee Tiang Keng

Raised Funds for Charities.
1937-1938 President F.H. Frummit

R.I. President Maurice Duperrey visited our club. Host to Middle Asia Regioanl Conference and the District Conference.
1938-1939 President Dr. Ong Chong Keng

PP Charles Robert Samuel installed as District Governor. 
1939-1940 President Nedyam Raghavan

District Conference of District 80 held in Penang with D.G. Charles Robert Samuel presiding.
1940-1941 President R.B. Streeper

Special attention directed to youths loitering in streets. 

Food and clothing provided for needy.
1941-1942 President A.P.H. Holmes

Formation of Boy’s Home in Penang.
1942-1947 : Japanese Occupation
1947-1948 President A.I. Drake

Rotary Club of Penang re-admitted into Rotary International on 23-10-1946.
1946-1947 President M. Sarvanamuthu

Could not complete his term of office due to his appointment as High Commissioner to Ceylon
1948-1949 President Koh Sin Hock

Special care and attention on Community Service to overcome setback caused by Japanese Occupation.
1949-1950 President Ven S.M. Collier

Help extended to youths. 

School books distributed to needy students.
1950-1951 President Dr. Ooi Kee Wan

Construction of classrooms for St. Nicholas Home for the Blind.
1951-1952 President H.B. Praagh

Provided financial assistance to the poor and needy.
1952-1953 President Ong Huck Lim

Attention to old folks’ homes and orphanages.
1953-1954 President Herbert J. Ho Sr

Construction and establishment of Penang Youth Centre. Formation of Rotary Club of Kota Baru.
1954-1955 President Lee Hong Cheang

Foundation Stone of the Penang Youth Centre laid by the Chairman, PP Herbert J. Ho, Sr. 

Building of the Youth Centre in progress.
1955-1956 President George Davidson

Celebration of Golden Anniversary of Rotary International. Penang Youth Centre officially declared open by Mr. Bingham, Resident Commissioner of Penang.
1956-1957 President P.G.S. Nair

Collected funds to help in various needy projects.
1957-1958 President Teoh Thye Moh

Establishment of Penang Spastic Centre. Support to Home for Lepers.
1958-1959 President G.H. Conaghan

Promotion of tourism. Published booklet on Penang Tourist Association.
1959-1960 President Martin Koh

Formation of Rotary Club of Bukit Mertajam (Later renamed Rotary Club of Butterworth). Constructed Crippled Children’s Orthopaedic Pool at General Hospital.
1960-1961 President Dr. Yeo Choon Booi

Establishment of Sea-Snake Research Centre at General Hospital. Antidote against sea snake bites.
1961-1962 President Dr. Cheah Cheng Poh

Presentation of Technical Books to Secondary School Libraries
1962-1963 President Dr. Khoo Keat Cheong

Equipment for Eye Bank. Formation of Interact Club of Penang Free School and Methodist Boys’ School.
1963-1964 President Dr. C.H. Yeang

Home for aged and infirm. Formation of Chung Ling High School Interact Club.
1964-1965 President Khew Koon Yoong

Apprenticeship Training Scheme
1965-1966 President G.W. Stone Jr.

Diamond Jubilee of Rotary International. Technical books for Technical Institute Library.
1966-1968 President William Ng Jit Thye

Cancer Detection Centre formed and the establishment of the National Cancer Society. 

Formation of Interact Club of Technical Institute. Visit of R.I. President Richard Evans to Penang. Formation of Rotary Club of Penang Scholarship and Loan Fund.
1968-1969 President Fanson Kuo

Textbook Lending Library. 

PP Dr. C. H.Yeang installed as District Governor. 

Venue of 34th District Conference. 

Formation of Rotaract Cub in Teachers’ Traning College. Formation of Interact Club at SMK Abdullah Munshi (First Malay Interact Club in the country). 

1969-1970 President Cheah Phee Aik

Formation of Heart Foundation. First award of scholarship from the Rotary Club of Penang’s Scholarship & Loan Trust. Formation of St. Georges’ Girls School Interact Club. Sister Club started with RC of Hong Kong Island East. 

1970-1971 President Mustafa Jumabhoy

Visit of R.I. President Richard Evans and his Ann. Construction of Roller Skating Rink at Youth Park. Group Study Exchange Team from District 268 led by PP John Chapman visited Penang 

1971-1972 President W.E. Bangert

Setting up of Malacca Bullock Cart Fountain at Bagan Jermal Roundabout during the first PATA Conference. Formation of Interact Club of Han Chiang High School. Charity Film Premier in aid of Rotary Scholarship Loan and Trust Fund.

1972-1973 President Shaik Ibrahim

Interact Council Camp held at Coronation Camp, Penang. Interact Club of M.G.S formed. 

The 38th District Conference was held in Penang. Tun Abdul Razak, the late Prime Minister of Malaysia was the Guest of Honour. Sister Club started with RC of Taipei. 

1973-1974 President Teoh Thin Lam

Setting up of Paddling Pool at Youth Park. Founded the Penang Rotary Charity Foundation. 

Rotaract Club of Penang (City) formed. Formation of Interact Club of Westlands Secondary School. 

1974-1975 President Khalid Ahmad

Published Cultural Programme Booklet in Malay. Hosted 41st District Assembly at Rasa Sayang Hotel. Concert for school children. Twinning with Rotary Club of Adelaide, Australia. Donations to help Indian drought victims in District 305 and 306. Sister Club started with RC of Adelaide.

1975-1976 President Lam Wu Chong

Drug Rehabilitation Centre

1976-1977 President Lalit P. Shah

Rotary Shelter workshops. Best Rotarian of the Year Award created. 

1977-1978 President Hooi Cheng Loon

Supplying spectacles to needy school childre

1978-1979 President Lim Huck Boon

President Jitindar Singh resigned mid-year due health. Rtn. Lim Huck Boon, Vice President, took office. Adoption of underprivileged children. Setting up the coaches for working mothers at Poh Leong 

1979-1980 President John Toh Bah Bah

Aid to Handicapped and Underprivileged 

1980-1981 President Peter Lam

The 47th District Assembly successfully held in Penang

1981-1982 President Wong Wai Lim

Mass adoption of 22 Spastic Children at the Penang Spastic Centre at RM360.00 per child. 

1982-1983 President Dr. Santokh Singh

Formation of the Rotary Club of Bayan Baru. Intercity Meeting with the Rotary Club of Medan, Indonesia. Clearing and painting of a section of the Youth Park. Presentation of a freezer to the Salvation Army Boys’ Home. Heart patient Mdm. Phua Siew Lian sent to Singapore for heart surgery. Herbert Ho, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund established. 

1983-1984 President H.S. Nindra

School uniforms to children of the Ramakrishna Orphanage. Presentation of bedsheets and pillows for the Muslim Orphanage, Wisma Yatim. 

1984-1985 President Peter Chong

Presented a motor van to the Penang Spastic Children Centre. Organised the Anita Sarawak Show to raise more than RM45,000 for various charity projects. Supplied vitamin enriched bread to poor children in two schools for one whole year. Sponsored the 16th Interact District Conference. Helped to sponsor Rotaract District Conference at U.S.M. Presentation of parquet flooring to the Spastic Centre. 

1985-1986 President Lim Theong Ghee

Jointly with other service clubs to organise the Penang Bicentenary Celebration. Organised the Courtesy Campaign and the Publication and Exhibition of the Historical Heritage. State-wide Diabetes and High Blood Screening Campaign. 

1986-1987 President Dr. Balbinder Singh Bhar

Co-sponsored the 8th RYLA Seminar. Organised the International Fiesta to promote better International Understanding where variety of food from over 20 countries were served. 

1987-1988 President Khor Moh Hang

Formation of the Rotary Club of Tanjong Bungah. Presentation of one fire engine to Free Trade Zone. Re-activated the Penang Youth Centre which was originally established by our club in 1953. Jointly organised the District Assembly. 

1988-1989 President Dr. Tekbinder Singh Bhar

Hosted the visit of R.I. President Nominee Paulo V.C. Costa. Sponsored the 19th Interact District Conference. Presentation of one kidney machine to Penang Adventist Hospital. Presentation of one t.v./video to Lam Wah Ee Hospital. 

1989-1990 President Nazir Ariff

Formation of the Association for Shelter for Abused, Abandoned and Neglected Children. Establishment of the Rotary Community Corp in Tanjong Tokong.

1990-1991 President Nazir Ariff

Conducted a Job Fair for secondary school children. Won the Best District Vocational Service Awards for 1989-1980. Establishment of the Rotary Computer Resource Centre at the Rotary Penang Youth Centre.

1990-1991 President Dr. Ranjit Singh (R.S.)

Established Sister Club relationship with the Rotary Club of Togi, Japan. Renewal of Sister Club contract with Hong Kong Island East and Adelaide, Australia. Organized a Pride of Workmanship Award. 

1991-1992 President Vincent Lai

Establised JobLink Centre. Launching of Children’s Protection Society. Tree Planting Society in conjunction with the “Green The Earth Campaign” 

1992-1993 President Sonny de Silva

Launching of the First Lego Malaysia Flag in Komtar. Started the Leader Rotary St. John Dialysis Centre. District Membership Development Award. Hosted District 3300 and 3310 District Assembly 

1993-1994 President Ian Ong

Raised RM800,000 with the help of RI, Matching Club and Sister Club and from Private Corporations. Established the Pacemaker Bank and the Reflexology Track, Youth Park. 

Sponsored the Award for Vocational Excellence. Received the RI Presidential Citation for Balanced Club Achievement. 

1994-1995 President Dr. K. Danesh

1995-1996 President Dr. Fong Kheng Phoy

Formation of the Penang Arts Foundation. Established Sister Club Relationship with the Rotary Club of Pyeontaeg, Korea and the Rotary Club of Osaka-Nansei, Japan. Recipient of the District Award for Community Service for the Reflexology Track. 

1996-1997 President Dato’ Noel Ogle

Erection of a signboard on The Four Way Test at the Penang Youth Park. Launching of the “Read to Me” Programme by YAB Bhg. Puan Dato’ Seri Hajjah Siti Zainab Bte Haji Baharuddin. 

1997-1998 President Dato’ Lee Yow Ching

Handing over the “Read to Me” Programme to ‘National Council of Womens’. Initiated the “Home Nursing for the Elderly”. District Interact Conference in Penang. Hosted an all Female Choir from Korea to perform a Fund Raising Concert in Hotel Equatorial. 

1998-1999 President Dr. Choy Pak Kong

Lego National Flag Project at Island Plaza. Seminar for Interactors. Read to Me Seminar. Opening of AMD Rotary Dialysis Centre at Rotary Youth Centre. 

1999-2000 President Chuah Ah Bah

Ballroom Charity Nite to raise RM70,000 for Cancer Society. Jointly organised Food Fair with Spastic Children Association. Pride of Workmanship Awards to employees of four hospitals. Gift of Life to 29 Cambodian children. Charity Golf raised RM20,000. 

2000-2001 President Nutan B. Shah

Rotary JobLink Centre received donation of JPY900, 000 from the Osaka Rotary Club. Set up Rotary Medical Surgery Fund Rotary Club of Penang first  Web Page. Started Home Nursing For the Elderly Rotary Wheelchair Club Project

2001-2002 President Michael Chen

Facial Surgery. Gift of Life: heart surgeries to 80 children. Launched Wishing Well for Gift of Life donations. Penang Skate Park. 5 District Awards

2002-2003 President Walter Ambrose

Mount Miriam Hospital. Food and Fun Fair. Educational Fair. Free Spectacles

2003-2004 President Dato’Tan Gin Soon

Rotary Lego National Flag Project. Northern Region Interact Conference. International Understanding & Goodwill Day. The Arrival of Centennial Bell in Penang. Donations of Hemodialysis Machine

2004-2005 President Vincent Lai

Centennial Celebration & Momento. Blood Donation. Donation RM500,000 to St. John’s Ambulance Association. Gift of Life 2. Spastic Rotary Penang Merdeka Charity Draw 2005 

2005-2006 President Dr. K. Danesh

Penang Tsunami Project. Lego Flag Project to rise funds to Spastic Centre. 75th Anniversary Save Water Project. Rotary Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas Fund rising. Peace Forum 

2006-2007 President Dr. T. Aloysius Raj

Cancer Exhibition at Hospital Pantai Mutiara. Cancer Awareness Calendar 

Rotary Tsunami Scholarship Project at PSDC. Induction of First Lady Member to RC of Penang 

2007-2008 President Dato’ Teddric J. Mohr

Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Merdeka. District Interact Conference. Clinical Operating Technical Training for Medical Staff at GH Penang on Plastic Cranio Facial Surgery. Signing Sister Club Balwyn, AU

2008-2009 President Dato’ Chet Singh

Adoption of CLP. Youth Centre renovation planning

Water Project. Addiotional machine donations to our dialysis centres 

2009-2010 President Gerard F. Robless

Youth Centre/Rotary Heritage House renovation. 10 PCDS Scolars. Hosted the District’s AGs Training workshop

2010-2011 President Tan Boon Hoe

80th Anniversary celebration and anniversary book. 77th District Assembly 2011 NGO lunch for 400 children Vocational Service Awards

2011-2012 President Francois Sigrist

I Choose to Reuse” campaign. Relaunch of the wheel chair club. Sexual abuse seminar. Uniforms and English dictionary to 200 children. Sister club agreement with Vladivostok, Russia

2012-2013 President Dato’ N. Ramanathan

Pillars of Rotary Seminar. Clean Up Penang

2013-2014 President Dato’Tan Gin Soon

The STOP HUNGER NOW. Project 47th Year Sports Day. Rotaract Sister Club signed with Chinatown-Manila. Literacy Programme in Thailand

2014-2016 President William Wee
Back to School Project. Penang Rotary Charity Fine Dining. East Coast Flood Relief. Rotaractors - Ninja Project. District Best Community Service - Gift of Life. Assisted Transformation Program (ATOP)

2016-2018 President Stephen Soon

District Best Project Award in Community Service. District Outstanding Project in International Service. District Outstanding President Award. Accelerated Career Excellence (ACE). JHM-Rotary Dialysis Centre

2018-2019 President Stephanie Wong

Gift of life Fund raising. Seeing eye to eye Conference. Pre Diabetic Screening Program. MOU sister Club with RC Pandan Valley. District 3310 Conference. Gift Of Life wishing well and wheel chair to Penang Adventist Hospital

2019-2020 President Vanesh Biloo

Suerbikers’ Ride To End Polio Now. International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians Malaysia Chapter. Improved Language Learning project in Perak. COVID-19 Relief. Pint for a Cause

2020-2021 President Jeyalakshmi Ratnavale 

Dialysis machine to JHM Rotary Dialysis Centre. Improved Language Learning project in Perak

2021-2022 President Erick Ong


2017-2018 President Amreet Gill


  1. PRCF

Penang Rotary Charity Foundation Founded on 26.11.1975 by Rotary Club of Penang during the presidency of President Teoh Thin Lam. The aims and object of the Foundation are to receive, raise, provide, or donate funds for: The relief of suffering, distress or poverty The improvement of the living conditions or livelihood of the aged or disabled

  • The provision of recreational facilities for the young and needy

  • The operation of a Scholarship and Loan Fund for the benefit of students

  • The granting of scholarships or loans to needy students

  • To give out aid in any form to any charitable or worthwhile cause

All Donations to the Penang Rotary Charity Foundation are tax exempt.



  1. Rotaract

Rotary Club of Penang has initiated several Rotaract clubs. Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.


In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service. From big cities to rural villages, Rotaract is changing communities like yours.


Rotaract members decide how to organise and run their clubs, manage their own funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects. Rotary club sponsors offer guidance and support and work with your club as partners in service.


  1. BOD introduction


Rotary Club of Penang BOD RY 2023-2024




Dr Amreet Singh Gill

Immediate Past President

Eric Ong


Carson Toh

Vice President

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Michel Van Crombrugge


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  1. Organising committee

Organising Chairman message


On behalf of the Organising Committee let me welcome you all to our 93rd installation dinner.

Kudos to the members of the organising team for helping out to make tonight's function a success.

As we work toward our centennial, every year forward will be a year to remember.


Thanks  to our donors, advertisers and sponsors in making this evening successful.

To the Eastern and Oriental Hotel for being very accommodative to all our requests.

To the VIPs and all our special guests, thank you for your presence for making our evening eventful.


Now just sit back and enjoy the evening


Ranjit Singh


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  1. Projects

    1. Current

Preschool English in rural schools

This is one year project where the Finnish learning method will be implemented in10 public preschools which cater mostly B40 students.




Purpose of the project is to see how positive earlier experience from Perak can be reproduced in another state of Malaysia. Also the purpose is to train state education officers and teachers in the roll out, so they would be able to take over the state level roll out if so decided at the end of this project.


These are the main goals the project aims to achieve among participating students: 

15% higher learning results than before in same schools.

Improved brain development for better overall cognitive skills

Improved problem solving skills

Better communication and presentation skills also in mother tongue

Improved self confidence


These are the main goals the project aims to achieve among participating teachers and district officers: 

Learn fun learning methods in a structured way

Learnt to adapt and modify the Finnish learning methods

Learn the skills to be a teacher advisor (tutor teacher) to roll out the method and best practices in other districts (peer to peer roll out) after this project is completed


Feedback of the program has been overwhelmingly good from teachers and families.


Project Head: Rtn Petri


  1. Recent

Eyecare Project



Between February and April 2023, the Rotary Club of Penang conducted an eyecare project where we screened the eyes of students from 7 primary schools and 1 kindergarten located on Penang Island. The project was aimed at identifying any vision problems in students and providing them with necessary support for better vision. The list of schools as below:

1. SK St. Xavier

2. SJK(C) Shih Chung Pusat

3. SJK(C) Chung Hwa (A)

4. SJK(C) Beng Teik Cawangan

5. SJK(C) Kheng Hoe

6. SJK(C) Chiao Nan

7. SJK(C) Kheng Thean

8. Kindergarten Penang Buddhist Association


The screening took place in each school separately on different days and was carried out by a team of optometrists and volunteers from the Rotary Club of Penang. The team was equipped with the necessary equipment to perform the screening, including vision charts and refractors.


During the screening, a total of 4505 students were screened. The team of optometrists and volunteers worked efficiently to ensure that every student was screened properly.


The results of the screening showed that approximately 20% of the students had some form of vision problem. These included myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and amblyopia. The students who were identified with vision problems were given a referral letter to see an optometrist for further evaluation and treatment.


The Rotary Club of Penang will be following up with the students who were referred for further evaluation and treatment to ensure that they receive the necessary support. We believe that the eyecare project was a success in identifying vision problems in students and providing them with the necessary support for better vision.


In conclusion, the Rotary Club of Penang's Eyecare Project was a successful initiative that was able to screen 4505 students from 7 primary schools and 1 kindergarten on Penang Island. The project identified vision problems in approximately 20% of the students and provided them with referral letters for further evaluation and treatment. We hope to continue this project in the future and provide better vision for more students in Penang Island.


Project Head: Rtn Carson


Kedah Rural Schools Educational Project



With the after effects of Covid-19, certain areas of socio-economic stability has been affected, especially education. In the rural communities the schools have been lacking in obtaining essential educational tools to empower both teachers and students so as to provide a more sustainable level of improvement in education. The Rotary Club of Penang ear marked 9 rural schools in the district of Bedong, Kedah to provide essential tools of Information technology. These tools are intended to enhance the teaching and learning capabilities of both the teachers and the students in these schools. 43 laptops, 22 desktop and monitors, 16 smart screen television units, 12 printers with cartridges and 220 rims of paper were donated in total to the schools involved.


Due to the after effects of Covid-19, the national funding to schools has been based on student volume as well as academic excellence of individual schools. Therefore certain schools especially in the rural areas of Malaysia have been affected with regards to reaching their best potential to teach. The Rotary Club of Penang reached out to 9 rural schools in the District of Bentong, Kedah (Malaysia) and carried out a needs assessment of what these schools currently need.


By providing laptops, desktops, smart televesions, printers, prointing paper and large visual monitors, teachers are able to resource better material to educate their students. Schools are able to provide information technology laboratories for students to utilise to obtain resource materials for their studies as well as provide schools with smart televisons as a tool for educating their students.


By providing specific tools of education to these schools, the teachers are able to resource better educational material, which will benifit the education of the students. In the long run, the students of these schools will improve educationaly, and in return this would help create a better socio-economic environment for rural school children.


Project Head: Rtn Stephanie

  1. Sustainable projects

Gift of life


We help children who would die without cardiac surgery. Saving the lives of children who could be ours, by returning them lives which should be theirs. This programme is funded in partnership with New York Rotarians, matched by the Rotary Foundation Grants, subsidized by Penang Adventist Hospital non-profit surgical charges and generous gifts from the public.


THE GIFT OF LIFE PROGRAM began in 1975 to help those needy children who require corrective heart surgery to have opportunity to stay alive. Operations are done in a Gift of Life program participating hospital. 


This programme is funded in partnership with New York Rotarians, matched by the Rotary Foundation Grants, subsidized by Penang Adventist Hospital non-profit surgical charges and generous gifts from the public.


The JHM Rotary Kidney Dialysis Centre at Acheen Street, Penang



This is our second community Kidney Dialysis Centre serving renal failure patients. Equipped with 10 units of the state of the art haemodialysis machines, the centre provides dialysis at affordable prices and for free for most deserving cases.




Designed to equip the inexperiencedwh graduates to meet and excel the demand of any challenging career. ACE intends to aid the graduates to look for a suitable career based on their personality and continually excel in it by having interactive courses and interesting activities in the program.


Read more about our projects here




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Congratulations to the incoming Board of Directors 2023-24 of Rotary Club of Penang 

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