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31 public schools in Larut Matang & Selama education district joined the program in 2020 and 37 schools started this year. Alltogether almost 2,000 children and 75 teachers have participated.

Series of courses has been done for teachers (both face to face and online)

 Introductory Course To Moomin – face to face (12 March 2020)

 Bengkel Pembugaran (Refreshment Course) Moomin Language School Apps – face to face (5 – 6 August 2020)

 Moomin Language School Apps Online Training Session (7 – 9 April 2021)

 Moomin Language School Apps Review Session – face to face (27 April 2021)

 Webinar Moomin Language School: Technology and Young Learner (19 August 2021)

0ngoing support and guidance through telegram group

Several schools did action research on the effectiveness of the program and it is proven that it has positive effect on children’s English language skills as well as increasing children’s confidence in using the new language.

Teachers’ role has change from the main source provider in the classroom to a facilitator, where teachers offer support and advice when needed. Most of the learning process are completed by students themselves and in play based classroom activities.

Teachers find programs is so helpful as it integrated all the teaching materials such as songs, rhymes, stories and pictures in this easy-to-use content.

These are some responses from teachers about the program :

“Students enjoy using the app and they bring their enthusiasm for the online activities to the physical classroom and during teaching and learning process. This makes my role as an ESL teacher easier as pupils show readiness to learn, and thus are able to understand their lessons even more effectively”

“In traditional method, my role is to give instruction to the pupils, guide them, help them, making sure that they fully understand one lesson before can move on to next lesson, I need to think of suitable activities for them and prepare teaching materials too. But with Moomin, my role is just merely making sure that pupils know how to operate the apps and they learn the content by themselves”


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