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There was a small handover ceremony today at Rotary-JHM Dialysis centre located on 86, Lebuh Aceh in Georgetown. Centre provides free or low cost dialysis treatment based on patients economic situation. It’s daily operations are funded by JHM Consolidation Bhd through Penang Rotary Charity Foundation. Currently the centre has 15 patients 6 patients from Ministry of Health, 5 patients from SOCSO and 4 self paying patients.

Mr. Raymond Tan

Today Mr Raymond Tan and his son were donating a dialysis machine to the centre. That came in good timing as the centre has been operating since 1998 and two machines are already in need for replacement soon as well more capacity is needed to be able to treat more patients as there is increasing need. This machine was already second one donated by Mr Raymond.

In the machine handing over event was given speeches by Rotary Club president Speech by club president Dr Jeyalakshmi Ratnavale, YB Teh Lai Heng and the donator Mr. Raymond.

You can find recording of the speeches together with photos at the following link

One of the most important functions of the natural kidney, in addition to the filtering of uremic toxins, is the removal of excess water. When the kidneys fail, this function must be taken over by the artificial kidney, which is also known as a dialyser. The procedure by which plasma water from the patient is squeezed through the dialysis machine membrane using pressure is termed ultrafiltration.

One of the common reasons for kidney failure is the incorrect use and overdose of prescribed medicines. Other common cause diabetes mellitus, a condition characterised by high blood glucose (sugar) levels. Over time, the high levels of sugar in the blood damage the millions of tiny filtering units within kidney. This eventually leads to kidney failure.


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