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Learning the skills throughout the pandemic year

Mr. Jeffrey Anak Bangau's 7 years old daughter has been participating our Enhanced Language Learning program at SK Sultan Yussuf (AMDR) in Taiping.

Jeffrey said as a military officer he has been outstation a lot and every time when he comes back home from outstation assignment, he has seen clear development of his child. Especially he mentions how the self-expression, self-confidence and English language skills has improved.

Jeffrey explains that his wife and himself don't speak English language at all and it is very rare skill in their neighbourhood. Therefore the child don't have opportunity to be exposed to the language other than in the school. In the Improved Language Learning program she have now opportunity to learn vocabulary and the correct pronunciation at home in structured and fun way by using the learning app. As the program has ready online lesson plans for the teachers and the learning app for self-study for children, she has been able to continue learning throughout the pandemic year without interruptions despite the school closures.

In one occasion the family went for a holiday in Penang. "I was so proud of my 7 year old daughter! She was able to read and understand all the English language signs had have simple dialogue using the language. She was our own interpreter in that trip" Jeffrey shares a memorable moment with us.

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Aug 13, 2021

Amazing Success stories.


Please put some links to "Improved Language Learning program" - on how other kids can enroll or procedures to get the offerings. Thanks.

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