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For students graduating out of universities, landing their dream job needs job search skills which may not be acquired as part of their university curriculum. It is a soft skill that needs to be honed through personal coaching of each student depending on their needs & capabilities.

Rotary Club of Penang in partnership with ACE coach Mr. Alan Hor has been coaching final year students and recent graduates of USM to prepare themselves to find the right job since 2017. We have completed 16 classes so far, benefiting 380 students, many of them from B40 group who face high risk of unemployment.

Mr. Hor is an experienced consultant with rich experience in Recruitment & Selection, Corporate Induction, Performance Management, Talent Development and Organizational Behavior analysis. Students learn valuable insights into the current job market & recruitment trends. Participants are given opportunity to explore career options beyond the limits of their degree and finding relevance, passion, commitment & self-direction in the process.

Notable recognitions include HBP / Quantity Surveying Faculty making ACE training program as an integral part of their professional curriculum for their final year students. Sr Dr Hasnanywati Hassan who was the Chairman of the Quantity Surveying Program saw the value of ACE after a lengthy discussion with the ACE Coach and adopted it as an integral part of their curriculum for final year students since 2018. They adopted 6 of the sessions out of the 10 available to better fit their schedule.

Rotary Club of Penang plans to expand this program to more universities and students. Our future strategy is to increase the number of classes to 14 per year and benefit 350 students each year. Our ultimate goal is to help the most vulnerable section of society who have high risk of unemployment and upskill them to improve their living standards.


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