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Referrals to Rotary Club of Penang Home Nursing come from hospitals, Ministry clinics, families and private doctors. The main aims of the project are:

1.    To restore and maintain the health of senior citizens

2.    To ensure that the elderly are cared for at home as long as possible

3.    To lessen the pressure on government hospital beds

4.    To preserve the dignity of senior citizens

5.    To give new meaning to the ageing process

6.    To complement the government drive to improve the health status of the elderly population

Following referral, a home nursing needs assessment is carried out with the individual and family. Nursing needs that may be provided include:

1.    Basic nursing care (checking blood pressure, pulse, urine for analysis, blood sugar etc.)

2.    Wound care and dressings

3.    Changing urinary catheter/bladder washouts

4.    Change of nasogastric tube/tube feeding

5.    Injections

6.    Supervising medication, placing eye drops, giving suppositories etc.

7.    Patient education, health promotion and support

8.    Carer/family education and support

The nurses encourage, motivate and educate the family members to participate in the care and support of the elderly patients 

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