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1. Speak Up! Impromptu Speech Workshop in collaboration with TARC Toastmasters Club Penang.

A Professional Development joint project between RAC Penang & TARC Toastmasters Club Penang with the following aims:

(1) to enlighten participants with the importance and benefits of impromptu speaking skills

(2) to enlighten participants with basic strategies on how to deal with impromptu speeches &

(3) to introduce RAC Penang to the participants present.

This workshop was held on August 25th, 8 – 10pm via the Zoom platform with a total of 34 participants.

The event Speak Up! Impromptu Speech Workshop consisted of 2 sessions as follow:

a. Sharing session: The sharing session will feature one seasoned speaker who is Brian Chan from Master Jaya Toastmasters Club. Equipped with broad experience in the field of impromptu speaking, Brian Chan will be sharing on benefits and importance of impromptu speaking skill and basic strategies to master impromptu speeches.

b. Breakout room session: An interactive breakout room session is lined up in this event to serve as an opportunity for the students to take a hands-on approach in impromptu speeches. There will be facilitators to evaluate the impromptu speech, so participants can improve in terms of their impromptu speaking skill.

2. Twinclub agreement renewal with RAC Chinatown Manila, District 3800, Philippines.

A twinclub agreement between RAC Penang and RAC Chinatown Manila was once again sealed, marking a solid relationship between these 2 clubs for the 7th year. We look forward to more joint projects in the future, fostering a stronger bond between RAC Penang and RAC Chinatown Manila.


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